To measure a room for installing beams on the ceiling, follow these steps:

  1. How many beams do I need?

    Working on the floor. Determine the spacing between beams. We often start with a beam against one wall and another on the opposite then divide the space into even segments of desired spacing. Add up how many you will need to cover the ceiling with that desired spacing. Later this layout will be transferred to the ceiling during installation.

  2. How long should they be?

    On the floor, Measure the room along the length of the beam, wall to wall under the location where the beam will be installed. write this down and add 6" to the length. This is the length we will make the beam. Look at the sizes available and order that size or the next size up. This will allow the beam to be trimmed to fit tightly during installation.

    Please feel free to call us if this is isn't clear and we will walk through the process with you. If you have a complicated layout or are applying them to a pitched ceiling please reach out for suggestions on measuring.

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