Rustic Beams

the easy way

Authentic Outside

Hollow Inside

Transform Your Space with the Warmth & Elegance of Rustic Box Beams

A box beam looks like a solid timber but is hollow inside, making it a fraction of the weight and a breeze to install.

We have a simple installation process that doesn't require building permits, structural reinforcements or a construction crew.

Most importantly they look authentic and beautiful in your home or business.

Free Delivery

& Installation

Until August 1, 2024

(within 50 miles of Olivebridge, NY)

  • Authentically Beautiful: Our beams are indistinguishable from reclaimed once installed.

  • Available quickly: Our standard beams are available for instant purchase.

  • Easy to Install: We install them or we'll show you how!

  • Lightweight: 85% lighter than traditional reclaimed beams.

  • No mold or rot: Made from new wood ensures that they are free from mold and rot.

26 things to love

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  • Free Delivery
  • Free Installation
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Rustic Beams, the easy way



Three Easy Steps


On the call we will talk about your ideas, answer any questions and give you an idea of the costs. We will then schedule a home visit.

(646) 509 3585

Home Visit

During the home visit we'll take measurements and discuss size, layout and finish. We can look at samples and schedule the installation.


We (or your contractor) will install the beams or you can do it yourself.

And just like that, your home is transformed!

Our Standard Styles & Profiles


For a general idea of the costs, please select a photo above.

Fill in the drop down menus to match your color, length, profile and quantity and the website will provide an instant quote.

Most projects have some element of customization so it's best to give us a call to discuss.

Please Note: Local Pickup & Delivery Only. We do not offer Shipping at this time.

Easy Installation Steps

Finding a better way

Many years ago I built a home and barn with reclaimed beams and siding.

I spent two summers taking down five old barns in Upstate New York in order to gather enough wood for the project.

It was a labor of love..... and when I say labor, I mean backbreaking, dirty, dangerous labor. Installing them was hard too... requiring a crew of guys, a special lift, and months of pulling nails, trimming, ripping and securing them in place so they would be safe overhead.

I love the look of old timbers but I will never do that again!

When I renovated my second home, I decided to make a "box beam" with the goal of making it so authentic that it was indistinguishable from a 150 year old hand-hewn timber.

In that process, I realized I could solve the dozens upon dozens of problems that come with using old wood, making the process easy, fun and affordable!

That was the birth of the Catskill Beam Company, and the end to the struggles of installing reclaimed beams!

Thaddaeus Scheel

If you aren't absolutely beaming over your new beams!

(Good for 90 days from purchase)

Receive a 100% Refund

"I love the look of old timbers but I will never do that again!"

Each beam is unique because we make them one at a time, by hand. We obsess over the details that make hand-hewn beams so elegant and charming.

Add a touch of rustic warmth to your home or create a unique focal point in your commercial space, our handcrafted beams are the quickest and easiest way to get the look!

Handcrafted Quality

(building the first prototype beam)

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